Camp "Leader" is located in Upstate New York.

Camp address is:
3023 State Highway 30,
East Branch, NY 13756

The Camp "Leader"  provides services for transporting the child to the camp (and back) from Brooklyn, New Jersey and all the airports in New York (JFK, Newark, LaGuardia).

Please note that all transport services are provided only on Sundays.

If you ordered a transfer for a child by selecting this service when completing the registration form, a few days before the transfer you will receive an e-mail regarding the date and time of the transfer with confirmation of your order. If the plans have changed (you need a transfer or, conversely, you want to refuse it), please notify us in advance!

Transportation from Brooklyn and New Jersey to the camp and back.

In the summer every Sunday the Camp "Leader" bus picks up campers from Brooklyn and New Jersey and goes to the camp, and comes back to Brooklyn and New Jersey  with campers who have finished their vacations in the camp. 
The stop address in Brooklyn: Sea Side Park - 311 Sea Breeze Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224
The stop address in New Jersey: parking in front of CVS Pharmacy (Linwood Plaza Shopping Center) - 168 Fletcher Avenue, Fort Lee, NJ 07024.

We remind that the transfer is an additional service, voluntary, at the parents' discretion.

Please order the transfer from / to Brooklyn beforehand by email -! 

Check your email regarding the exact time of pick-ups and drops-off ! 
The fare: $45 - one way, $90 - in both directions.


Individual transfer service Airport-Camp-Airport.

For children from other states and other countries arriving in New York by plane to JFK, Newark or LaGuardia airports, a transfer service "New York Airport - Camp - New York Airport" is provided. The transfer service includes:

- meeting a child at the airport;
- transportation of a child from a New York airport to the camp;
- transportation of the child from the camp to the airport after the end of the shift;
- help the child to check in for a flight on departure home.

If the ticket includes Unaccompanied Minor service (UM Service), our representative will fill in and sign all the necessary papers at the meeting and wires.

This service costs $180 (round trip). One way transfer is $90 (one way).

If two or three or more children arrive at the same time, there is a discount 10%  for 2nd, 3rd (and so on) of the passenger.

Please note that airport transfers are only available on Sundays. When you meet / send to the airport on any other day, the transfer fee increases by 30% per person.

Please send us e-mail to in advance about flight information for arranging a meeting at the airport.

Transportation from Monticello to the camp and back (any day by prior arrangement)

We provide a transfer from Monticello to our camp and back. Stop in Monticello - at bus station, where buses come from New York, and where the bus leaves to New York (before the Port Authority).

The fare: $25 - one way, $50 - round trip.
To order a transfer to Monticello or from Monticello, please write to us an e-mail:


Camp Leader is easy to commute to from any US state. Here are major “How to’s” to help you navigate through!

There are three basic ways to organize your trip:

tt 1 tt 2 tt 3

No.1 Parents can bring their children straight to the camp; or bring them to Brooklyn
, NY where the camp’s shuttle bus departs every Sunday at 10 AM from Seaside Park (Pick up address is 311 Sea Breeze Ave, Brooklyn NY 11224). Same shuttle bus returns to Brooklyn at 7-8 PM on Sundays bringing back the kids whose session is over. Shuttle service fee is $45 one way; $90 per round trip.

No. 2 - Single travel. Your child may travel alone. There are quite some parents allowing that since to find the group of at least 5 children from the same city/state ready to travel at the same time is not easy (especially with children travelling abroad from the foreign countries).
But how to send the child alone? Well, all airlines now provide Unaccompanied Minor Service (UM). You can order UM service when purchasing tickets; the fee for this service is usually rounded at $100 - $150 when purchasing roundtrip tickets. This service is required for the 5 to 12 years old children travelling without adult supervision. For children 12 and older this service is optional at the parent’s discretion.
To use UM service in the airport of departure you have to transfer your child to the airline representative and sign a release form, indicating name and other data of the person you allow to pick up your child at the airport of destination (NYC). Your child will be looked after by flight attendants during the whole travel. And vice versa – on the way back home camp representative will accompany your child to the airline personnel and will sign him/her up at the registration. Camp representative will stand by the gate until take-off; in case of the flight delay or cancellation camp rep will take the child back.
Camp Leader also offers full individual transfer service (NYC airports –to-camp round trips). The service fee is $180 – it is available for purchase online along with camp registration (under Registration and Payment/Additional Services). Individual transfer service covers personal transportation for your child/children from any of NYC airports to the camp and back by the end of your session.
This way along with the camp session cost, the parents should purchase roundtrip airline tickets; unaccompanied minor (UM) service ($100-$150) and Camp Leader’s individual transfer service (NY airports –to-camp roundtrips - $180).

No. 3 - Group Travel. The best solution is to initiate a group of at least 5 (five) children from your city or state; or to join such group if it has already been created in your city or state. This way Camp Leader representative will travel to your city/state in the opening day to pick up and then accompany the whole group door-to-door on the way to the camp. That includes the flight escort to New York and transfer to the camp via Camp Leader shuttle van. On the closing day Camp Leader representative will escort same group back to your city/state to deliver children straight to their parents or authorized companions. NB! It is very important that all the children in the same group choose the same camp term and stay the same time (three weeks, for instance) and purchase flight tickets in advance for the same flight so that all kids could travel together. Our office may also assist you with the group travel reservation(s).
This door-to-door accompaniment is an optional additional service, which is NOT included in the basic session cost, along with other optional additional services. For more information, please refer to our website (

You also may consider that the group attendant doesn’t have to be a Camp Leader Representative. Upon discretion of the parents of each particular group, one of them can perform as a group attendant, accompany children to the camp (and back home), stay in the camp with them – at least, for some time, and take part in all the fun in-person! Moreover, it will be surprisingly free of charge, because round trip airline tickets will be covered by parents (as calculated above); Camp Leader will provide airport transfer shuttle, camp stay, accommodation and nutrition free of charge for a couple of days.


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