Camp "Leader" offers an opportunity to give your children/grandchildren/nephews a journey to our international community to learn English! We also provide visa support.

Registration for the new season is open - please remember that early registration to the next season at the camp will increase the chances to get a visa to the US.

For over 16 years children from different countries all over the world -  Canada, Europe, Russia, Ukraine, France, Mexico, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Kazan, Vladivostok, Kamchatka) - spend their summer in the Camp Leader.

At Camp Leader, children can advance in learning English as well as Spanish, Italian, and Ukrainian languages!

Intensive language classes are conducted in small groups or even individually. Our effective language teaching system uses different modern techniques. And most important is the opportunity for the children to practice the acquired knowledge in direct communication with US peers, coming to the camp from the different US states: New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Illinois, and others. This is a very good chance for your kids to improve their English!

In fact, the International Camp Leader is a rare opportunity to get "four in one":

- An intensive study of the English language by the method of immersion in a foreign language environment;

- A fascinating and eventful summer vacation in the educational camp in the New York State mountains in an exceptionally warm and friendly atmosphere;

- Practical application of English skills in direct communication with US peers;

- Interesting sports, fine arts, and travel programs.

Summer holidays in the Camp Leader harmoniously incorporates a large variety of different types of activities:

* Sports activities (swimming, football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, athletics);

* Horseback riding classes;

* Martial arts (unarmed combat);

* Canoe and kayak trips;

* Shooting range;

* Dancing and theatre;

* Art Studio, film acting, and shooting;

* Festivals, concerts and theme parties in the concert hall of the camp;

* Hiking, bonfires, and fireworks.


Visa support

Camp "Leader' also provides visa support in the organization of children trips in the United States.

Owner and operator of the Camp "Leader" is a Leader NY Camp LLC.

Camp "Leader" is officially registered in the state of New York (USA) and meets all standards of the New York State Department of Health (Oneonta District Office).

Special note to the parents of children residing outside the United States: in addition to the payment for selected camping weeks, the "registration fee for international campers" of $ 190 is also required for each registered foreign child and each accompanying adult. This fee is targeted to support the work of missions, as well as preparation and registration of invitations and other documentation necessary for obtaining a visa. This fee is non-refundable.

NB! In the case of the US visa denial (it's rare, but happens), all amounts paid for the camp will be refunded except for the $190 registration fee for international campers and accompanying adults.


Travel from abroad to camp "Leader" is quite easy

There are two options:

  1. The child arrives alone or without adult supervision. Most children from abroad or from other US states arrive at the camp unaccompanied.

All airlines are now having a service called "unaccompanied minor flight" (Unaccompanied Minor (UM) Service), which can be booked when buying a ticket. This service is actually required for children 6 to 13 that are unaccompanied by an adult. For children over the age of 13, this service is voluntary at the parent's discretion.  Please note that the terms and conditions of UM service in different airlines may vary.  Therefore, it is advisable to check directly with the airline of your choice before purchase/departure.

Parents also have to provide the airline representative with the name and other data on the meeting party while checking-in on the selected flight. The office of the Camp Leader will gladly provide this information in a few days before departure. Don't forget to check your email!

The UM service guarantees supervision over your child during the whole flight.  Upon arrival in New York, the flight attendant will take the child/minor through all the necessary border procedures with filling out the necessary declarations, etc. and lead him to a designated area in the arrivals hall, where the child is to be transferred to the person named by parents at check-in upon presentation of identity document.

It works the same in the return flight home.

  1. The parent (relative or caretaker) can accompany the child directly to the camp or meet the camp representative in New York (Brooklyn) at the pick-up location. In this case, we offer an official invitation both for a child and parent (or relative) as an accompanying person.

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