Russian Language Courses
It is quite common when already the second generation of the children of Russian descent residing abroad or in other ex-Soviet countries is replacing their native tongue. And the third generation, with rare exceptions, does not speak the language of the ancestors at all. Our studies often begin with the Russian alphabet since so many of the children could neither read nor write in Russian.

Year by year Camp "Leader" personnel focuses its time and efforts to teach children and campers the Russian language, literature, and art. We also staging plays and skits based on Russian fairy tales. Russian language, literature, and art lessons are taught by trained and licensed professionals. This is a truly exceptional summer educational program where learning is fun and easy. The program is supported by LID Foundation. 

It has been operating in Camp "Leader" since the summer of 2009. However, participation in the program is optional. This is an additional service and is not included in our basic package. Participation and lesson quantity (including writing and reading) are at the parents' discretion. Also, since the children's level of Russian language knowledge may quite vary, we arranging studies in small groups with similar levels of language proficiency.

English Language Courses

We also provide academic English classes taught by professional American teachers and native speakers. This option could be of essential importance for children coming to participate from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and other former USSR countries. English studies may be arranged in a quantity of two to eight lessons per week at parents' discretion. English studies are an additional service, not included in our basic package. Participation and lesson quantity (including writing and reading) are also at the parents' discretion. This may be by two lessons a day for 5 days a week or 2 -3 hours a week.

Participating children are tested to determine their level of language proficiency in the very first session. Students will be able to secure and further develop the knowledge gained during their English studies through direct communication with US peers, coming to Camp Leader from different US states.



Ukrainian Language Courses

The Ukrainian language is also not among the most common world languages. However, it is closely related to many languages of the East Slavic group. About 45 million people speak the Ukrainian language around the world. This language is common in more than 15 countries. Participation is voluntary at the parents' discretion. 


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