Dear parents!

Below are the current cell phones/gadgets/electronic devices usage regulations in the Summer Camp Leader.

Please take into consideration that these rules are the result of years of a camp experience. Certainly, you want your children to come to the camp to communicate, develop, actively spend time, socialize, grow up and find new friends, and not spend hours with the cell phone or play electronic games. Furthermore, children often lose or break devices, take gadgets to the pool, or just lose them during field trips.

We do not prohibit bringing cell phones and electronic gadgets to the camp, but we strongly do not encourage that. Please note that the use of cell phones and other electronic devices in the Camp Leader is limited. Also, the mobile Internet and general cellular service in the camp practically do not work (the reason is that we are surrounded by the mountains!). There are accessible landlines in the camp that are available to children during the daytime to call their parents.

NB! When your child brings a cell phone or any other electronic device to the Camp Leader, it denotes your consent by default with the following rules of the cell phones/gadgets usage and storage and also your agreement to pay $15 per week storage fee for each phone or gadget brought to camp:

  1. All cell phones and electronic devices are always stored ONLY in the camp office. Campers are not allowed to store phones/electronic devices in their rooms.
  2. Cell phones and electronic devices are given only to the owners (campers) and only for 1 - 1,5 hr. per day after lunch under the signature of the owner (camper). Phones/gadgets are to be collected back and stored in the office after use.
  3. Whether a camper keeps a cell phone or other electronic gadgets, this phone/gadget is to be withdrawn until the end of the camper's vacation. It is to be returned to the camper's parents only.
  4. Camp Leader is not responsible for the loss or damage of cell phones/devices during their use by the owners (campers).
  5. Charging of phones/gadgets is made by the owner (camper) and occurs only at the time set for their use. Camp Leader provides sockets and extension cords for charging phones and gadgets. Campers may keep the necessary charging equipment as long as they are responsible for the safety of this equipment.
  6. Campers will have access to the Wi-Fi network at the time set; however, the Internet speed may be low due to the simultaneous access of a large number of gadgets, as well as to the lack of fiber-optic high-speed Internet in this area. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a stable connection and high-quality Internet.
  7. Campers are allowed to take cell phones/gadgets with them on field trips and excursions, except for the canoe/kayak rafting and horseback riding. Additional restrictions from the camp administration also might be imposed. Children receive their phones and gadgets against acknowledgment before the trip and hand over the phones the same way immediately upon arrival at the camp. Children are fully responsible for the safety of their phones and gadgets while traveling. The camp administration, as well as counselors and caregivers, have the right to seize the gadget and place it back to storage even during the field trip if this action was caused by security or disciplinary measures.
  8. Our camp is a private institution. According to its rules, it is not allowed to photograph and record video with the participation of other children and camp personnel, as well as to publish these materials on the Internet and in social networks.
  9. There is a fee of $15 per week for each cell phone any other device brought to the premises. This service is included in the invoice by default if the child (camper) brings a cell phone or any other electronic device to the camp.

Please note that your child may contact you using the free landline accessible at any time during the day. See more in "Communication of parents with children."


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