The season of 2023 in the Summer Camp "Leader" consists of 7 weeks. It begins on July 2nd and ends on August 20th. Camp Leader welcomes children from all American states, as well as from Canada, Europe, Russia, Ukraine, and other countries.

Dear Parents! Please note that arrival and departure (check-out) dates are on Sundays only. Your child can start his/her camp session on any Sunday from July 2nd to August 6th (which is the latest arrival date).

If you choose to bring your child to the camp on your own, please arrive on Sunday from 3pm till 7 pm.

The minimum duration of the camp stay is 2 (two) weeks. The child, of course, may stay in the camp for three, four, five, or more weeks. Certainly, a longer camp experience offers greater social, emotional, cognitive, and character benefits.




 For any questions and inquiries, please call: (718) 916-4080 


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