Basic Prices

For 2021 pricing, please refer to the table below. Prices may vary due to the timing and/or specific dates selected.

These figures do not include additional services, lessons or field trips, so the prices are called "Basic". The list of additional services, lessons, trips, as well as their associated costs, can be viewed under "Additional Services" and "Trips Schedule".

The minimum duration of the camp stay is 2 (two) weeks.

We suggest the full (100%) payment for the session time (weeks) chosen. However, there is still an option of minimum base payment, which is 70% of the total session time (weeks) chosen. The latter offer is for U.S. residents only. The remaining balance (30%) has to be paid off no later than June 11th, 2021 (30 days before camp's opening day). The discount for the second (or third) child from the same family is $ 20 per week.

Special note for the children/parents traveling form Non-US origin: there is a one-time mandatory registration fee of $190 for our foreign visitors. Please be advised that this is the only difference in pricing for US and non-US residents.

NB: There is an option to extend your child's session even while he/she is already attending the camp. Your child's joy and happiness are an obvious priority for us, and we always reserve some extra room for possible extensions.


Season 2021 prices:

(depending on the 
month of payment)
July 11-
July 18
1st week
July 18 -
July 25
2nd week
July 25-
August 1

3rd week
 August 1-
August 8
4th week 
August 8-
August 15
5th week 
August 15-
August 22
6th week
Price of one week
if paid in
$500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500
Price of one week
if paid in
$520 $520 $520 $520 $520 $520
Price of one week
if paid in
$540 $540 $540 $540 $540 $540
Price of one week
if paid in  
$560 $560 $560 $560 $560 $560
Price of one week
if paid in
$580 $580 $580 $580 $580 $580
Price of one week
if paid in
$600 $600 $600 $600 $600 $600
Price of one week
if paid in
$620 $620 $620 $620 $620 $620
Price of one week
if paid in
$640 $640 $640 $640 $640 $640
Price of one week
if paid in
$660 $660 $660 $660 $660 $660

NB: since Camp "Leader" is a legal NYS-certified summer camp and meets all the standards of the State of New York Department of Health, the cost of summer holidays of your child may be deducted from your taxable income. Please consult with your accountant.

Cancellations made later the 30 days before the camp's opening day (June 11, 2021 or later, even while the child is already attending the camp) and interrupted sessions are non-refundable with the only medical reason exception (MD's letter is a must!).

Prices above include:

  • Accommodation in comfortable cottage rooms (4-6-8-10 occupants per room);
  • 4 times daily nutrition in our children’s restaurant;
  • Sports, athletics, and swimming;
  • Extensive physical training-EPT groups (early wake-ups, jogging, swimming, etc., participation in the EPT group should be specifically requested by the child or parent);
  • Martial arts and shooting range;
  • Nature studies and mountain hiking;
  • Dance section and drama club;
  • Art studio and arts & crafts lessons;
  • Children's Films and Cartoon Festivals in the Summer Theatre;
  • Special events, games, contests, concerts;
  • Campfires and fireworks;
  • Professional and thoughtful work with children conducted by teachers, coaches, and psychologists;
  • And more: wonderful mountain air, starry skies, and a truly friendly atmosphere!


For any questions and inquiries, please call (718) 916-4080 


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