The best camp experience gives children greater self-esteem, self-confidence, and resilience. This is what we have been doing successfully for over 19 years. We're constantly working to make the summer holidays for children truly exciting so that the children could have more opportunities to get new experiences and try out new forms of entertainment and recreation. That's why we offer additional services and features.

1. Horseback Riding Lesson - $59

It is perfect for beginners, as well as for those who already have some experience. All the equipment is provided. The lesson duration: 1 hour

2. Canoeing and kayaking - $49

A 90-minute trip on the mountain river with experienced instructors. All the equipment is provided. 

3. Alpaca Farm Trip- $55

Meet alpacas and learn about their history, their care, their habits, their sounds, and their fiber, and see firsthand the magic of alpacas! The kids are allowed to touch them, feed them and take photos.

4. Russian language lessons (1-hour group lesson - $25, 1-hour individual lesson - $35)

It is quite common when already the second generation of children of Russian descent residing abroad or in other ex-Soviet countries is replacing their native tongue. And the third generation, with rare exceptions, does not speak the language of the ancestors at all. Our studies often begin with the Russian alphabet since so many of the children could neither read nor write in Russian.

Year by year Camp Leader personnel focuses its time and efforts to teach children and campers the Russian language, literature, and art. We also staging plays and skits based on Russian fairy tales. Russian language, literature, and art lessons are taught by trained and licensed professionals. This additional service is not included in our basic package. Participation and lesson quantity (including writing and reading) are at the parents' discretion. 

5. English language lessons (1-hour group lesson - $25, 1-hour individual lesson - $35)

We also provide academic English classes taught by professional American teachers and native speakers. This option could be of essential importance for children coming to participate in the Camp Leader from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and other former USSR countries. English studies may be arranged in a quantity of two to eight lessons per week at parents' discretion. English studies are an additional service, not included in our basic package. Participation and lesson quantity (including writing and reading) are also at the parents' discretion. This may be by two lessons a day for 5 days a week or 2 -3 hours a week.

Participating children are tested to determine their level of language proficiency in the very first session. Students will be able to secure and further develop the knowledge gained during their English studies through direct communication with US peers, coming to Camp Leader from different US states.

6. Ukrainian language lessons (1-hour group lesson - $25, 1-hour individual lesson - $35)

The Ukrainian language is also not among the most common world languages. However, it is very close to many languages of the East Slavic group. About 45 million people speak the Ukrainian language around the world. This language is common in more than 15 countries. Participation is voluntary at the parents' discretion. 

7. Laundry Service ($12 per week)

Coming season parents still can take care of the soiled clothes/laundry on their own. However, as in previous years, Camp Leader also provides weekly Laundry Service. Starting this season Laundry Service will be held directly on-premises. We are no longer using outer Laundromats. This way, counselors and volunteers are collecting children's used linen and clothes during the week, and then the scheduled helpers' crew is doing the laundry/drying and returning the signed bags to the teams (otryads or rooms). This is an optional service. Participation is voluntary at the parents' discretion. The cost is $12 per week. This price is high enough to compensate the camp for the most (unfortunately, but not all) of the costs associated with the building of laundry facilities directly on-premises. We would gratefully appreciate additional target donation for these purposes by parents or organizations they serve.

7. Wi-Fi and gadget storage ($15 per week for each device)

Your kids can bring to the camp electronic devices (phones, tablets, earphones, etc.), but they are allowed to use them only between 3 to 5 pm during the Wi-Fi time. The rest of the time all gadgets are kept in the storage compartment.

This charge is mandatory if your kids bring any gadgets to the camp. 

8. Transfer from Brooklyn to the camp (One way - $65, round trip - $130)

Pick up location in Brooklyn:

311 Sea Breeze Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224

9. Transfer from New Jersey to the camp (One way - $61, round trip - $122)

Pick up location in NJ:

168 Fletcher Avenue, Fort Lee, NJ 07024

10. Individual Airport-Camp-Airport transfer service (One way - $125, round trip - $250)

Camp provides shuttle service from/to NY Airports on the day of the intended arrival/departure. This service is offered for children from other states and foreign countries (including 'unaccompanied minors') arriving at JFK, Newark, and LaGuardia airports. Transfer shuttle service includes:

  • Child/Minor's airport reception and pick up;
  • Transportation from NY airports to the camp;
  • Transportation of the child/minor from the camp back to NY airport at the end of the camp session;
  • Child/Minor's flight check-in assistance.

If your ticket includes Unaccompanied Minor Service (UM Service), our representative will fill and sign all the related arrival/departure documents for unaccompanied child/minor. 

 11. Transfer from the camp to Monticello, NY (One way - $30, round trip - $60)


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