Camp “Leader” is an officially registered New York State summer camp. It operates in compliance with all the standards set by the New York State Department of Health.

The owner and operator of the Camp "Leader" is a company named Leader NY Camp LLC. Educational programs in the camp are implemented in partnership with the non-profit organizations LID Foundation Inc. and Leader NY Foundation Corp.

2020 Best of East Branch Award Winner. Summer Camp 'Leader' has been selected for the 2020 Best of East Branch Award in the Organizations category by the East Branch Award Program.

Camp "Leader" is located near East Branch Township (zip code 13756). Camp "Leader" occupies beautiful territory in Upstate, NY, surrounded by the scenic Catskill Mountains. The camp is about 2 hours to drive north-west from New York City. The facility is equipped with a brand new modern swimming pool, athletic game fields, and comfortable dormitory buildings with 4 to 10 beds in a room. There is also a movie theater and a stage hall. Camp "Leader" offers 4 home-cooked meals per day nutrition. All foods are prepared and served in a cozy children's restaurant. The camp has a fully equipped medical station with trained personnel on duty 24/7.

Children come from all over America, as well as from Canada, the European Union, Russia, Ukraine, and other former USSR countries. All interested in having fun, learning something new, and making friends can win it in a breeze with our international children's summer camp program.

At Camp “Leader", we treat and educate children using European and Russian academic traditions, which have been adapted and creatively reapplied to fit realities of the American lifestyle. These methods fill in certain gaps existing in the American educational approach inside and outside the classroom. Our main focus is the individual attention to each child. No doubt that  even adults may lose some social orientation in a the modern world. Unfortunately, it seems to happen when children experience difficulty to properly communicate with each other, build and support friendship, and maintain social self-reliance. Many kids experience difficulties in resolving conflicts or dealing with other non-typical unusual situations that can arise from any social interaction. Lack of these social skills can lead to certain psychological issues and even depression. Due to tireless efforts of the highly qualified educators, children of the Camp “Leader” children are learning to establish and develop their communication skills, as well as to realize that the only base for friendship is mutual respect.Season by season kids are leaving Camp "Leader" with unforgettable smiles and handshakes, and delighted parents have had by far confirmed a tremendously positive response to these educational efforts!

Four main features are making Camp “Leader” such a unique establishment:

  • Individual attention to every child.
  • Sport/Athletic activities and healthy lifestyle.
    Teaching staff at the camp engage all the children in team sports (volleyball, basketball, football, and ping-pong) as well as everyday jogging and swimming. Morning exercises and participation in athletic contests and activities are mandatory (with some obvious exceptions). A healthy lifestyle is also supported by well-balanced nutrition, which includes four meals a day and lots of fruits, vegetables, and juices. Regular athletic activities and well-balanced nutrition are proven to help quite some children to achieve a healthy weight standards and improve their physical condition in general. Both of these factors are essential concerning the current adolescent obesity situation in the US.
  • Cleanliness and Discipline.
    All the children of the camp have their daily duties such as keeping their clothes clean, making their beds, camp/dining hall responsibilities, etc. Those activities are set to improve self-discipline and make children more independent and more responsible as individuals.
  • Russian language, literature, and art studies

For any questions or inquiries, please call (718) 916-4080


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