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  • Camp "Leader" occupies beautiful territory in Upstate, NY surrounded by scenic Catskill Mountains, about 2 hours north-west from New York City
  • Camp Leader welcomes children from all of America, as well as from Canada, Europe, Russia, Ukraine and other former USSR countries
 Camp "Leader" is celebrating its 16th birthday in the summer of 2020!  
Summer vacations in the Camp "Leader" is the best gift for your kids!
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Camp Leader is a truly extraordinary place! Camp Leader is a rare combination of fascinating recreation; educational programs in Russian, English, Spanish and Italian; mountain climate and beautiful surroundings; comfortable accommodation and exceptionally tasty nutrition (4 times daily); professional staff (teachers, coaches, animators and stage-managers) and, therefore, a large selection of developing amusements – from sport games to staging movies! 

Summer Camp "Leader" will be open for 9 weeks in 2020: from June 21 to August 23, 2020. 

Residential Summer Camp "Leader" for boys and girls ages 6 to 15 years old, located in the magnificent scenic area surrounded by Catskill Mountains. And it’s only 2 hours away from New York City. Camp “Leader" offers amazing opportunities for your children to enjoy truly inspiring and adventurous summer vacation.

Camp Leader welcomes children from all of America, as well as from Canada, Europe, Russia, Ukraine and other former USSR countries. Children from all over the United States attended our camp last summer —New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maryland, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama, and California sent us their brave pioneers. International guests came from Mexico, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Vladivostok and Kamchatka).

For any inquiries give us a call: +1 (718) 916-4080
Or e-mail us : CampLeaderUsa@yahoo.com

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Camp "Leader" is celebrating its 16th birthday in the summer of 2020!  With the earlier capacity of 90 children Camp is expanding and coming season we will be able to accommodate up to 120 children. The Camp "Leader" provides a variety of opportunities – from great outdoor fun to development of children's skills of independent living and leadership, responsibility and self-reliance; learning sports and healthy lifestyle; and even weight normalization. Also, the special parts in the camp’s educational programs are classes in Russian, English, Italian and Spanish languages. These programs will allow your children not to only dive into a different culture environment, but also get to another level of knowledge and understanding of foreign language(s).


Camp "Leader" has got the professional cinema crew - film director and video operator! We're making movies! Last summer our inspired children, also very talented as actors and screenplay writers, created seven short-footage films. In the variety from Godfather and Romeo and Juliet to Batman and Bollywood movies - all of these films, as well as various camp videos are available on our Youtube channel.

Minimum camp session length is 2 weeks. 

Here at the Camp “Leader” we encourage children to participate in a broad range of activities:

  • Sports & Athletics (swimming, soccer, volleyball, basketball, ping-pong, track and field);
  • Horseback Riding and Canoe Trips;
  • Natural Science and Mountain Hiking;
  • Dancing and Drama; Arts and Guitar Lessons;
  • Age and Skills-Leveled Classes of Contemporary Russian Language and English, Spanish and Italian Languages;
  • Children’s Movies and Animation Festivals at the Summer Theater;
  • Games, Concerts, Events

Childhood passes - memories remain!

Owner and operator of the Camp "Leader" is a company Leader NY Camp LLC. Educational programs in the camp implemented in commonwealth and with the support of non-profit organizations LID Foundation Inc and Leader NY Foundation Corp.


For all questions and inquiries, please, call (718) 916-4080


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